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At Oriental Express we offer creative Chinese, Fish & Chips, Japanese, Korean, Thai dishes delivered right to your door. If it’s a popular Chinese, Fish & Chips, Japanese, Korean, Thai dish, we do it, choose your favourite from our extensive delivery menu. Our aim is to provide genuine and authentic Chinese, Fish & Chips, Japanese, Korean, Thai to our customers at reasonable rates. It is our commitment at Oriental Express to provide excellent food, service and an experience for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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  • Food was OK. wasn't of the high quality we normally get but still was edible but was only slightly warm on arrival


  • There was enough food to feed three and I was ordering for myself :D very nice food, one of the best Chinese I have had and the cheesecake jus amazing.


  • Order had taken over 2 hours to arrive. Half the order was missing. Had over 7 phone calls to find when the rest of my order will arrive. I had to text my order to the 'manager' to prove I wasn't lying.


    Response from restaurant: The owner was 100% sure the sweets were in the bag. As a gesture of good will the owner decided to deliver the sweets a second time for you. That was on Sunday night during peak hours and the hotel was nearly 4 miles away and there was no need to call 7 times.

  • the satay sauce was like soup/watery . the chicken was processed/out a frozen bag . the noodles were greasey/oily and the prawn crackers were hard . the delivery took ages 50mins plus (which I don't normally mind as long as it's warm and good quality ) Tracey this was a major disappointment and not to your usual standard but I doubt I will be back .


    Response from restaurant: We are sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your meal. In future please phone back the shop. We are more than happy to sort out the problem straight away for you. So far no one had a similar problem. We thank you for being a valuable customer once again.

  • Great options for vegetarians.


  • Very tasty.


  • the crispy king prawns are fab !!


  • i have food poisoning, my family is fine and the only difference is this order. Will never order a takeaway again


  • Thanks for the great service yesterday :) with JustEat being down (again) I could appreciate how busy you were. Food was delicious and delivered with a smile. Thanks! :)


  • We don't often get food from here as it's a little pricey but it IS the best Chinese food we've ever tasted. I also like the little extra they often provide. In the past we've had haggis pakora (which I can't find on their menu but is absolutely gorgeous!) as a wee freebie. This time it was a lovely wee box of luxury chocolates! I can understand the extra price is everyone is getting these additions as it makes each order feel special and not like it was just chucked in a bag and sent out. The food, as always, was delicious. I wish there was the option to just have a main meal without having to add rice, noodles or chips but the extra portion of fried rice is always good hangover food, I guess :)


  • Worth the price, everything was tasty and cooked to order.. 10/10 would recommend 100%


  • The TL:DR version first - Hot food, tasty food, oh my stomach I ate too much food, make the portions wait don't, I was just kidding!! The longer version - As a child, we would get two varieties of soup, tomato, or chicken noodle. The chicken noodle would be from a packet that would be simmered to death with the tiniest bits of spaghetti posing as 'noodles', it was weak and bland and has put me off chicken noodle for years......until now. I've recently had different soups from Oriental Express and loved them so I thought I'd try CNS. Tasty broth, loads of proper noodles, chunks of chicken and plenty of left me feeling like Oliver Twist wanting to say 'Please may I have some more?' The Cantonese style sweet and sour chicken is always lovely, not too much sour not too much sweet, the chicken is well cooked but not over done. the vegetables are still crunchy and the big chunks of pineapple cooked till tender, which I love. I get the mini dinner rolls too when I can, they're great to save for the next morning for toast, or sandwiches. The can become a little flat in delivery but I like this, it's like sandwich thins. My order arrived early, piping hot and the delivery lady is polite and friendly. The customer service is great, I've yet to actually meet the chef/owner in person but they really do value their customers. The free offers are great and if you need to make a request just jot it down and it's always done IE: changing the chili chips for normal ones in the munchy boxes. ------------------------------- Thank you Oriental Express, and thank you Tracy for the lovely Xmas gift of the box of chocolates. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017 for you and your family! (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with OE, I'm just an ordinary person who gets take-out approx. once a month and over the years have had some really bad take-outs, so appreciate the good when I find it)


  • Food was fantastic and piping hot would definitely use again


  • Awesome


  • Amazing food and delivered fast as f**k! Incredible! 😀